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Contact Let’s Chat! Got a question for me?  Maybe you want to report some incorrect or outdated information?  Or maybe you’d like to work with me? I’d love to hear from you! You can get in touch with me at traveldonesimple |AT| gmail /DOT com or by filling out the contact form below.


About Sebastian and why he created Travel Done Simple

About What is Travel Done Simple? Travel Done Simple is the complete guide to planning and booking your next trip all on your own without the need of a travel agent!  Made for travelers by a traveler, it is the ultimate travel resource for everyone from newbies to seasoned veterans. On this website, I cover […]

Travel Blog

The Travel Done Simple Travel Blog by Sebastian

Travel Blog Featured Post My Full (Travel) Life Story Learn about who I am, where I come from, how I started traveling, what I’ve done in my travels, and why I created Travel Done Simple. Read Post Read Post Featured Post My Full (Travel) Life Story Learn about who I am, where I come from, […]

Budget Traveling

The Ultimate Budget Traveling Guide by Travel Done Simple

Budget Traveling Budget Traveling Budget traveling is a bit of an art form and is not for everyone.  It often involves taking the long way, adding extra stops, or giving up the 5-star hotels, but if you’re open to sacrificing some of the luxuries you’re used to having, it can be a very inexpensive way […]

Destination Guides

Fully Detailed Destination Guides by Travel Done Simple

Destination Guides There is so much to see and so little time.  Whether you’re looking to experience a completely different culture, see exotic animals in their natural habitat, marvel at amazing man-made wonders, or just relax on the beach, there is a destination waiting for you.   These destination guides will give you everything you need […]

Travel Planning

The Ultimate Travel Planning Guide by Travel Done Simple

Travel Planning Planning your own trip can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before, but with this guide, you’ll be a travel expert in no time!  Make sure to read this entire page before booking anything Now, there are three main things to consider when planning your own trip: Destinations […]


Travel Done Simple is the ultimate travel resource for all travelers

Start Here Welcome to Travel Done Simple! Trying to get away from spending too much money on travel agents? Thinking of planning your own travels, but not sure what you need to look out for? Searching for an in-depth resource that can provide you with everything you need to know? Well you’ve found it! Travel […]


Travel Done Simple is the ultimate travel resource for all travelers

The Ultimate Travel Resource START HERE START HERE START HERE Travel Planning Everything You Need To Know Getting From A to B How to find and book the best deals for flights, trains, buses, & more Where To Stay Every type of accommodation available and how to book them What To Plan For All the […]