Finding the right accommodation is another important part of planning out your travels.  Gone are the days when the hotel was your only option.  Nowadays there are many more options to choose from when planning out your travels!  This guide will outline each one of them.

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These are the main types of accommodation that you will be staying in on your travels:

A typical hotel room that a traveler would stay in on a trip


The good ol’ classic hotel.  Even though there are many other options for accommodation in this day and age, the hotel hasn’t disappeared.  It’s still the main form of accommodation available when traveling.  It typically consists of a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and several other amenities and features which vary depending on the hotel.

A typical Aparthotel that a traveler would stay in during their trip


If you’re staying a bit longer in the same destination, then one way to get more from your accommodation is to stay in an aparthotel.  The difference between hotels and aparthotels is that aparthotels are typically built like apartment complexes meaning that not only do you get a bedroom and bathroom, but you often get a kitchen and living room as well.



Another option for your travels is the guesthouse.  Also referred to as a bed and breakfast, a guesthouse is typically a private home that has been converted into a casual hotel.  The owner typically lives in a separate area of the house and keeps rooms available for guests.  If food is offered, it is typically homemade and the attention you receive is always personalized.  These are more common in developing destinations and small towns.

A typical vacation rental that a traveler would stay in during their trip

Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rentals can be found in many different destinations and can take form in a few different ways.  In snowy, mountainous areas, they’re known as chalets.  In beach destinations, you’ll find them as villas or bungalows.  In wooded areas and near lakes, they take form as cabins.  What they all have in common is they are private, mostly secluded homes that give you a more authentic experience of the destination you’re in.

A typical Resort that a traveler would stay in during their trip


In some locations, especially beach destinations, another type of accommodation available to you is the resort.  The Caribbean, for instance, is known for its all-inclusive resorts which include unlimited food and drink and have many amenities and other benefits.  This is a great option for stress-free vacations, although it can come at a higher cost. 

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But before you do that, consider checking out these other forms of accommodation too:

– One of the more recent innovations in travel accommodation, Airbnb & Vrbo have taken the travel industry by storm!  From a room in someone’s apartment or house, to a whole house to yourself, to vacation homes, Airbnb & Vrbo can be a way to make your trip a very memorable one.  They can also be great way to save money too as oftentimes, Airbnb & Vrbo can be cheaper than a hotel!  

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– If you’re traveling on a budget or you’re traveling solo and want to meet other travelers, a great way to do that is by staying at a hostel!  Typically it involves sleeping in a shared room with other travelers, but there are also options for private rooms if you want the best of both worlds.  Highly recommended for younger travelers and backpackers looking to save money and meet other travelers!  

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– Another form of accommodation available for the most adventurous of travelers is Couchsurfing.  This is a form of accommodation in which you get hosted by someone who is offering a place to stay for travelers out of the goodness of their heart.  You may get your own room or you may just get a couch, that’s the fun of Couchsurfing!  It all depends on your host.  You’re never guaranteed a place to stay when Couchsurfing, but it can be an amazing experience where you get to meet a local and experience a destination in a totally different way.  

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